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My B2B Company Generated 400 Leads from Social Media

If you're a B2B company, it's crucial for you to establish a presence on social media. Let me share our experience and explain why it's so important.

I used to run a tampon vending company, targeting facility operators and managers of stadiums, airports, schools, and more. It was a challenge to pitch a product that they would never use but that could be a game changer for their customers—a true B2B2C play.

To land a deal, I needed to convince building operators that their customers would benefit from our product. So, I decided to document my journey of building the company on social media (to get people emotionally invested in me, and build relationships).

I shared every aspect of the journey, from fixing the machine, setting pricing, to showcasing the products. The response was overwhelming. One of my videos went viral, amassing 2 million views. People were enthusiastic about having these vending machines in schools. To capitalize on this interest, I created a form where individuals could provide their principal's email, nurse's email, and a teacher to sponsor the installation. The results were astonishing—I received over 400 responses, and the girls even encouraged their friends to fill out the form. Some even created Instagram accounts to emphasize the importance of period products in schools and how much they needed these machines.

This social proof gave me the credibility to approach the schools and present the vending machines as a necessity rather than just a nice-to-have item.

Let me share another example to emphasize the power of social media in B2B marketing. One of my clients is a Smart Restroom Company, and they hired me to help build brand awareness and develop a marketing strategy that converts to sales. As we crafted their content strategy for Instagram (yes, B2B companies can benefit from Instagram too), we realized that we needed to highlight the benefits of their product from the end user's perspective. Building operators might not actively search for new efficiencies on Instagram, but end users would be more interested in the experience the product offers.

To address this, we created a series of videos showcasing how our technology improves the restroom experience for travelers, sports fans, business people at conferences, and more. We shared these videos on Instagram and received an overwhelmingly positive response. Not only did this content serve as social proof for our sales team, but it also provided potential clients with compelling reasons to consider our technology.

By building a strong social media presence and growing their Instagram community, our client's technology became advocated by users. Eventually, these users reached out to the facilities, advocating for the adoption of our client's technology.

A prime example of the success achieved through social media community-building is Mamava. They created a community of mothers who advocate for their breastfeeding Pods. Mothers can download pre-filled email templates and send them to legislators, airports, stadiums, and other relevant institutions, demanding improved spaces for breastfeeding. This grassroots movement has been incredibly effective in bringing about change.

In conclusion, social media has proven to be an indispensable tool for B2B companies. By sharing our journey, showcasing social proof, and building communities, we were able to generate over 400 leads for our tampon vending company. The same strategy applied to our Smart Restroom Company client resulted in improved brand awareness and increased sales. If you want to take your B2B marketing to the next level, start leveraging the power of social media today.

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