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It's time your dog starting paying rent...

We help you get brand deals and grow your community.

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1:1 Coaching Call

$89 per session

We'll look at your goals, content ideas, and progress. These calls are great for asking certain questions and can be scheduled whenever needed.

  • 10 content ideas in your niche

  • Tactics to improve your current content 

  • 30-minute brainstorm session

  • Next steps to improve your pet influencer journey 


2 Week Coaching Program 

$550 one time payment

Learn what content resonates best with your audience to grow your following. We’ll give you weekly progress updates as you learn how to create valuable and consistent content.

  • Social media account audit 

  • Two progress calls 

  • UGC content ideas

  • 20 content ideas in your niche

  • Three Scripts to reach out to brands

  • Next steps to improve your pet influencer journey 

  • Weekly trending topics 


4 Week Coaching Program 

$750 one time payment

For pet influencers looking to expand their business and connect with brands. Learn how to analyze content, and growth tips, create a community, and connect with brands. Leaving you with the tools to achieve your goals as a pet influencer.

  • Social media account audit 

  • Four progress calls 

  • Video critiques

  • UGC content ideas

  • 40 content ideas in your niche

  • Hook and script workshop 

  • Video editing tips

  • Live slack channel 

  • Multiple scripts to reach out to brands

  • Weekly trending topics 

Why work with us?

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Increased Views

We help you reach your goals by creating content that resonates with your audience and growing your following.

Finding your nieche

We can help you figure out what type of content to post, who your audience is, and how to grow your account.

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Brand outreach 

We will help you find brands who want to work with you and your pet. So whether your goals are to receive free products or become a full-time pet creator, we have you covered.

Monthly growth

We will be checking in with you monthly. With access to our monthly newsletters, you will have trending topics each week and a list of content ideas to support your growth grow month over month!

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