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I Shut Down My Startup 💔

and started a marketing company because Barbara Corcoran told me to...

The last four years have been some of my life's most challenging yet rewarding times. I learned so much about myself, many things I didn't even think I could—over 1,034 rejection emails, years of sleepless nights, and getting sober. I got Viragoes into the world's busiest airport without ANY connections and an NFL stadium as a client.

🧠 My biggest takeaway is knowing nothing is your biggest superpower. Going into things blind gives you the advantage of not being scared; you have nothing to compare it to. The downside is that you don’t know when to quit.

“The grind” really grinds you down...and it was taking a toll on my mental health. In reality, I wasn’t aligned with my purpose in life. I had lost my love for life and didn’t even know it. You never realize how unhappy you are until you’re UNHAPPY.

🎙 Fast forward to a couple of months ago. I was a guest on Barbara Cocrocans Podcast- Business unusual episode 132-LISTEN HERE.

she told me to quit Viragoes and go all into marketing because “I was so good at it.”

Two months later, I took her advice and founded Juicy Mktg Group... and I couldn’t be happier. GUESS WHAT HAPPENED!!??? I WAKE UP EVERY DAY EXCITED TO WORK. I MEAN WHO DOES THAT?!?!? It doesn’t even feel like work most of the time because I am so aligned.

Here are 4 things I wish I knew before starting a company:

  1. Pray or meditate, just because someone calls you a chair, doesn't mean you're a chair. There are things you won't be able to control in business and learning how to not lose your cool.

  2. Pivot if things aren't working- If you’ve tried a million times to get something off the ground and nothing is working, CHANGE YOUR PLAN.

  3. Find alignment-Being in alignment is a real thing, find a way to get there!

  4. Life’s not that serious, if you’re unhappy make a change. You’re not a tree, move.


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