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I founded this company based on a need I saw. There was a gap in the market where people don't know how to sell their products by providing value for their customers. They we're selling on features and unable to tell a story. 

Our founder Lizzy, created Juicy Mktg Group to juice up your marketing. To help businesses build a marketing eco system that aligns their marketing and sales to work together and tell their story and ultimately sell their product. 

Our mission is if you don't know where to start, start with your why. We help our clients establish their why and tell their story so they can truly provide their customers with a solution and aren't just selling on features.  

All About Us

Lizzy has always had a love for marketing and telling a story. From the young age of six years old she wrote a letter to Mack Brown telling him she was the biggest UT fan in the world. Her passion and love of connecting with people is what drives this agency. Lizzy went on to pursue a number of marketing jobs/endevours in high school and college. From marketing for Alabama Athletics, to creating the college ambassador program for Insomnia Cookies-Lizzy's passion has always been social media. 

in 2019 Lizzy started doing freelance marketing work to pay for her pervious startup. Unfortunally that came to an end during the pandemic. Then she was on Barbra Corcoans podcast 

Before starting Juciy Mktg Group lizzy 
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